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Golden Opportunities

Bridging the gap between our community & our classrooms.
  • Mission: The Education Foundation will promote and support creativity, innovation, and excellence in the SCS community.
  • Encourage academic excellence through generation and distribution of funds not readily available through local, state, and federal tax revenue.
  • Recognize student and alumni accomplishments.
  • Recognize faculty and staff accomplishments
  • Support innovative and creative programs which provide enriched classroom educational experiences.
  • Support extra-curricular programs to enhance the school experience.

Our Golden Opportunity Grants outline our commitment to give back to our classrooms. Whether funding requests for specific projects or lifelong tools, our teachers can be connected with interested community members who would like to see these projects become a reality. If you are a SCS educator and would like to request funding, please fill out the Educator Request Form.


Check out the Projects That Need Funded below for some of the amazing projects teachers have requested funding for.  If you would like to see the Projects That Have Already Been Funded, please scroll down and check out all of the funding that donations have contributed to thus far. Then go to our Donors page and include the Golden Opportunity you would like to grant by contacting SCEF at 317-392-2505 to make your donation. Thank you for your ongoing support of our Shelbyville Central classrooms!

SCEF Funded Projects